A Slice of Crimes …


Last week, I submitted an application to attend the Slice Literary Writers’ Conference at St. Francis College in September. They requested a 250-500 word writing sample, and so I sent in this brief excerpt from my novel The Crimes of Paris:

Forgetting myself for a moment, I reach across the table and briefly caress Elena’s bare arm. I pull back with a start. She does not open her eyes, she just keeps smiling. And I have a sensation like we’re slowly slipping toward each other.  In that moment, I think to myself that perhaps Elena’s solution to my problem of meeting someone here is not so silly after all.

We finish our wine, and I offer to walk her back to the métro at Saint-Paul. As we make our way west along the rue Saint-Antoine, she slips her arm beneath mine with a friendly smile. I squeeze her elbow in the crook of my arm, and suddenly we have a spring in our step despite our tired feet.

— I’m sorry the day has to end so soon, she says as we reach the entrance to the station.

— Me, too. But we’ll see each other again next week, I hope.

— Yes. Definitely, yes.

And then the bises …

I don’t need to have an affair with Elena, I tell myself. All I really need are the good-bye bises at the end of our afternoons together, that whiff of her vanilla-jasmine perfume and the briefest touch of her soft warm brown skin, and the feeling of holding her hands in mine and lingering in the moment. It’s an act of love-making in miniature, the way we say farewell – whether Elena knows this or not. My senses are so heightened to it that it seems to draw out for a full minute, and I savor every second of her. And today – maybe it’s the wine – it feels even more intense, like when you’re close-dancing for the first time as a boy, getting that first noseful of a girl’s perfume. As I move to kiss Elena’s other cheek, I very nearly lift her chin and kiss her lips instead.

But I don’t. And she waves back at me as she descends the stairs, and I watch her leave, happy to have spent the day with her and sad to see her go.

I wander all the way home wondering about Elena.

I was pleased to hear today that I was accepted to the conference, so I’m looking forward to heading up to Brooklyn this fall!

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