As a Content Developer at The Great Courses, I work one-on-one with top professors from around the United States to produce college- and graduate-level video lecture series on subjects ranging from history, literature, film, and language learning to the sciences, philosophy, and better living.

After helping professors develop their course ideas into 12+ hours of lecture material, I line edit their scripts and coach them on their performance in the studio. Working on up to a dozen projects at once, I coordinate daily with producers, designers, audio technicians, guidebook editors, copywriters, and marketers to ensure that courses are delivered on time and that the content is accurate and properly positioned.

A critical member of the Product Development team, I’ve also been instrumental in diversifying our product line as we transition from a transactional DVD sales market to our new subscription streaming service (The Great Courses Plus) and a major partnership with Audible.

(In the picture above, the owl-mouth-mouth-placenta-scroll is a Middle Egyptian translation of my job title: “Overseer of Knowledge.” My name is transliterated in the cartouche below.)