Casey never planned to steal another man’s wife. Like shacking up in Paris with a French beefcake named Bruce, it just kind of happened … But as he slumps in a stairwell smoking a jay with his Cuban lover’s husband, it dawns on Casey that some homes are begging to be wrecked.

Elena’s the first woman who’s ever made Casey seriously ask himself just what the hell he’s doing with his life. Their passionate histoire d’amour takes them from a small bedroom on the north side of Paris to the dingy backstreets of Havana. The more Elena’s marriage falls apart, the more Casey wants to break it. But first he has to convince her that her daughter won’t get broken in the process. Only after returning to Cuba—without Casey or her husband—can Elena at last bring herself to choose between a stable life and an uncertain future.

Like a Nick Hornby cover of an Elvis Costello song (with Henry Miller on bass guitar and Adelle Waldman on drums), this first-person anti-travelogue dispels many a romantic myth about the City of Light. And in the end, it’s the unlikely Bruce who helps Casey arrive at a new understanding of what it means to be faithful.